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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lesson #1 from Narnia

My goal isn't to ruin the movie for you. If you haven't seen it, this shouldn't take away the excitement. Maybe you can watch and re-visit this post later...

Lesson #1 - Temptation is always attractive. And, it normally hits our weak spots.

In the movie, the opportunity to free the evil White Witch from her bondage is given to both Caspian and Peter. Both are visibly leaning towards doing the unthinkable and freeing their mortal enemy to help them defeat a new one.

As Father John Corapi says, the devil never walks up to you looking all bad and evil saying, "Hi, I'm the devil and I'm here to tempt you." Instead, he disguises himself in something that we have a desire for, whether it be self interest, pornography, gambling, drug or alcohol abuse, etc. Like the White Witch, he shows up looking like it's our best interest...see the Garden of Eden.

In the movie, Peter lost faith in Aslan. When we lose faith or forget in the power of God, we are tempted to do the same. Don't fall for the bait.

Next up - Lesson #2.

Vivat Jesus,


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