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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Good Samaritan

Yesterday my family and I took a trip to Wal-Mart after church to pick up some quick items. As I got in my Suburban, I noticed a piece of paper underneath my windshield wiper. When I got out to examine I found a free-hand note stating “Your passenger-side tire is very low”. Upon further inspection, I was horrified to find that not only was it very low, it was VERY, VERY low. Fortunately, Wal-Mart has a tire service place open on Sundays because I’m not sure how I far we would have been able to go. Turns out the culprit was a screw I ran over. To make matters worse, the front tires were no longer legal for road use, so I had to replace both of them!

Two things to learn from this; first I’m very thankful to my Good Samaritan who left the note. How often do we walk by a situation like that and don’t take the time to leave a note. I could have been down the road a mile or two with my wife and daughter and been involved in an accident. The question Jesus poses of “Who is your neighbor” was answered by this “guardian angel”.

Second, be prepared. Jesus says we know not the time or place of our death or His coming. We need to be watchful. I had let my tires become hazards and if it wasn’t for a wayward screw I ran over, may have found out the hard way. The final word – check your tires. Check your faith. How’s the air pressure in both?

Vivat Jesus,


P.S. This was a form of stewardship displayed by this unknown friend. If you’d like to hear more about stewardship, click on my stewardship witness talk from last week located on the right column.

Monday, October 22, 2007

What Can We Learn from the Rich Fool?

Today's Gospel reading comes from Luke 12:13-21 where Jesus tells the parable of the rich fool. I won't run the entire text here, so I urge you to pull out your Bible and read it if you don't go to daily Mass. The part that always gets me when I hear this parable is when God says to the rich fool, "Fool! This night your soul is required of you; and the things you have prepared, whose will they be?"

A friend told me this morning that he heard an amazing statistic. We only use about 30% of our possessions. All I need to do is open up my garage door and I'm sure I'm on the lower end of that figure! Today's Gospel is a reminder to all of us about storing up our possessions instead of sharing what we have. Ironic (or not so) that this is Stewardship week. In a world that tells us to accumulate wealth and possessions, this is a stark reminder about the dangers to our eternal souls of doing this.

Vivat Jesus!


P.S. I was blessed to be a witness speaker at Mass on October 21 for Stewardship Sunday. If you'd like to see it, click here...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This is FUNNY

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of giving a presentation to the Seattle Chamber of Commerce. After the event, I was talking with several attendees as they were leaving, and one gentleman happened to catch my eye. I noticed that his name badge said "Weedin". Not seeing too many people with MY last name, I took a closer look to see what his first name was. To my surprise, it said "Kelli". Why was I surprised? Well, because that's my daughter's name!Turns out this man's name was "Kelly" and he was rushing in as the event was starting. The lady at registration asked his name and he said "Kelly". Well, my Kelli was originally going to come with me, but was sick and couldn't come. She had a name tag all set for her. You can guess what happened! The registration lady peeled off "Kelli Weedin" and gave it to this gentleman who wore it the entire time without realizing it. We shared a good laugh about that one. I told him that the story would definitely end up in a speech somewhere, and of course in my blog.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How Wine Can Help a Cause

I caught Teresa Tomeo’s national radio show this morning and her guest was Bill Schneeberger, owner of Bogo Wines. Bogo Wines (www.bogowines.com) has taken on the mission of raising awareness and funds for adult stem-cell research. As a Catholic, you know the Church is actively supportive of stem cell research – as long as it’s ADULT stem cell research! Embryonic stem cell research kills embryos and is as much a horror as abortion. Bill has a terrific web site and I urge you to click on it and learn about his mission. You can also listen to his interview with Teresa (he’s the last half hour of the second hour) on Ave Maria Radio. With other companies supporting causes (many of them valid), it’s exciting to have a Catholic business leader support and lead the charge for this important issue.

By the way, June is being targeted as Adult Stem-Cell Awareness month. Legislation will be going to the President for his support. I’m sure Bill will appreciate your prayers.

The final important piece of the interview was what I learned about the Susan G. Komen Foundation. “Pink” money is dripping with blood. As much as we all want to see an end to breast cancer and will fully support that cause, it’s appalling to learn that the Susan G. Komen Foundation supports both Planned Parenthood and embryonic stem cell research. In an effort to help with the horror of breast cancer, many of us have unintentionally donated money to the largest abortion mill in the world! What do we do about it? My answer for the short term is two-fold. Pray and raise awareness. Make sure people know that this organization donates money to and supports abortion and embryonic stem cell research. The only way they will stop is if pressure can be applied.

Again, I urge you to visit Bogo Wines web site and support them. Remember that in addition to Breast Cancer Awareness month going in October, it’s also the month of the Rosary. Pray to Our Blessed Mother for her intercession.


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Monday, October 8, 2007


Sometimes you find inspiration in the strangest places. While attending a fundraising luncheon for the local community college, I heard a wonderful speech from a young woman who was a student. It was unpolished yet beautifully and sincerely delivered to a room of about 400 people or more. Sometimes I wonder if we work too hard trying to be "perfect" when simplicity will do just fine, thank you very much.


Friday, October 5, 2007

Who do you pray to when you travel?

I just spent a week away on a business trip down to Palm Springs. Wow...90 degrees sure beats cold, wet, and windy in the Pacific Northwest for a few days!

Do you do much travelling in your line of work? Maybe you're retired and find yourself taking trips to sunny and warm spots like Palm Springs. As I find myself travelling more, especially on airplanes, it makes me cognizant of praying. I certainly ask for protection for my family while I'm away. I also pray for safe transport by air and vehicle. If you're like me, you like to ask for the intercessory prayers of the saints. Do you know who two of the patron saints of travelling are?

You may be jumping up and down and answering "Saint Christopher" and you'd be right. He is probably the most well-known "travelling saint"! You may be surprised to know that Saint Raphael, the only other archangel besides Michael and Gabriel to be mentioned by name in the Bible, is also a patron saint for travellers.

You see, Saint Raphael shows up in the Old Testament in the book of Tobit. God sent him down to accompany Tobit's son Tobiah, on his long journey to find and marry Sarah. I won't recount the entire story...it's a good one so go read it...but the bottom line is that because of that journey where Raphael helped Tobiah, he is also a "travelling saint".

I encourage you to learn more about Saint Raphael. I make sure on all my trips, both long and short, that I ask for intercessory prayers from both Christopher and Raphael. It never hurts to have a co-pilot with wings!

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Little Way

Today is the Feast Day of one of my "Soul Sisters" - Saint Therese of Liseaux. Known as "The Little Flower" she is a Doctor of the Church. More importantly, she teaches us the importance of doing all the "little things" in our day with love and gratitude to God.

It's ironic because she's had an influence on my work today. As I prepare to leave on a business trip tomorrow for several days, my mind is racing with all the things I need to get done before I go. Sometimes when this happens, I find myself not doing any of them very well!

In recollecting Saint Therese's words, "I prefer the monotony of obscure sacrifice to all ecstasies. To pick up a pin for love can convert a soul", it helps me to remember to slow down and do each task, regardless of its magnitude, to the best of my ability for the glory of God. Saint Therese knew the value of the little way. Do we?

Think this week of Saint Therese when the difficult and mundane tasks come your way. Whether it's at work or at home, take the time to complete the task to the best of your ability. Consider it like Saint Therese did; as an opportunity to convert a soul.

By the way, this is the month of the Rosary. I encourage you to pray a Rosary daily and think of it as your "little way". Just think if we all did that!


P.S. Starting in January, you will be able to take part in my Monthly Conference Calls. You will have the opportunity to hear great guests discuss different aspects of our Catholic faith. More information is forthcoming, so stay tuned!