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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mass in Canada

I'm writing to you tonight from Parksville, Canada where I'm at for our Rotary District Conference. One of the cool things about being Catholic is how you can be anywhere in the world and celebrate the Mass the same way. I visited a very nice parish called the Church of the Ascension for Saturday evening Mass. It was packed. As I was noticing how everything was basically the same, a few differences popped up along the liturgy way.

Obviously, these are Diocese rules and every Diocese is a bit different. These two were ones I have never seen. First, the second half of the Eucharistic Prayer was performed with the congregation standing. We all stood at the acclamation and stayed that way. Second, right after the final prayer before Communion, everyone sat down - not kneeled - but sat down. That was weird. I couldn't do it so I stayed kneeling.

One final welcoming thing - the priest asked if there were any visitors and we all stood. Not too uncommon except then he led a Hail Mary for the intentions of the visitors. Very cool.

It goes to show you that although we all believe the same, our methods can be slightly different. In a way, sort of a metaphor for life. It's always good to learn from different cultures. Understanding and peace would be great by-products of that! Maybe we can take a cue from the priest and say a Hail Mary for all our visitors. That would be a start!

Vivat Jesus,


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