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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catholic non-Leadership on Pro-Life

I watched the State of the Union address by new President Barack Obama. Behind him for about 53 minutes were Vice-President Joe Biden and the too-often rising Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. You would think that as a Catholic I would be proud that two practicing Catholics were at the highest level of this government. That the #2 and #3 people politically in this country are Catholic!

Too bad they both overlook the teaching of their faith and have been stalwart champions for the pro-choice movement that continues to annihilate the unborn on our country.

Dear Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle...

Vivat Jesus,


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PASCENDI said...

Actually, I already posted this comment on catholic-dads.blogspot.com, but I will repeat it here:

I am a newcomer to this blog so I'll be brief. To borrow from the words of Billy Clinton when he said "it's the economy stupid" I will say, "it's the priesthood dear brothers".

I believe it was the reporter Raymond Arroyo (of EWTN fame) who stated that he knew that at least 1/4 to 1/3rd of the US bishops voted for Obama. Since he knows many bishops personally, he is in a good position to make that assertion.

The question for us dads to ask is WHY?

As a layman, I do not have to worry about my bishop pulling my medical benefits if I ‘rock the boat’. As a layman, I do not have to worry about being ridiculed by my brother bishops. As a layman, I do not have to worry about brother priests looking down on me because I reject the novelties (both liturgical and theological) of the 60’s, 70’s 80’s and 90’s. As a layman, I do not have to worry about Cardinals revolting against me as the Holy Father does (Austria last week serves as a chilling example of how the Holy Father needs our help). I think Benedict wants dads to become more vocal, even to the point of publicly challenging their bishops “in love, but also very firmly” to adhere to Church teaching. This is a very masculine and chivalrous thing to do... if we do it for Our Lord and Our Lady.

I find that among many so called “conservative Catholics" (whatever that means) today… there is a well meaning but erroneous inclination to "not question his Excellency or contradict Father”. This is what I call “Conservative Clericalism”. It is anything but Catholic.

Until we fathers begin to more proactively challenge our own bishops… it will be the same old story.

Not to be cynical… but the layman controls the purse strings. And I have seen situations where a liberal bishop backed down because there were enough tough minded dads who loved Sacred Tradition enough to make the bishop have to answer to Rome or worse yet the Sunday collection reality!

Or to put it another way, when you have them by the wallet, their hearts and minds are sure to follow. There is no sin in stopping the collections when all else fails and an abuse persists. In fact it becomes a “moral imperative”. We’re not used to thinking in those terms… but I’m afraid it has come down to that.