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Friday, October 5, 2007

Who do you pray to when you travel?

I just spent a week away on a business trip down to Palm Springs. Wow...90 degrees sure beats cold, wet, and windy in the Pacific Northwest for a few days!

Do you do much travelling in your line of work? Maybe you're retired and find yourself taking trips to sunny and warm spots like Palm Springs. As I find myself travelling more, especially on airplanes, it makes me cognizant of praying. I certainly ask for protection for my family while I'm away. I also pray for safe transport by air and vehicle. If you're like me, you like to ask for the intercessory prayers of the saints. Do you know who two of the patron saints of travelling are?

You may be jumping up and down and answering "Saint Christopher" and you'd be right. He is probably the most well-known "travelling saint"! You may be surprised to know that Saint Raphael, the only other archangel besides Michael and Gabriel to be mentioned by name in the Bible, is also a patron saint for travellers.

You see, Saint Raphael shows up in the Old Testament in the book of Tobit. God sent him down to accompany Tobit's son Tobiah, on his long journey to find and marry Sarah. I won't recount the entire story...it's a good one so go read it...but the bottom line is that because of that journey where Raphael helped Tobiah, he is also a "travelling saint".

I encourage you to learn more about Saint Raphael. I make sure on all my trips, both long and short, that I ask for intercessory prayers from both Christopher and Raphael. It never hurts to have a co-pilot with wings!

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