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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How Wine Can Help a Cause

I caught Teresa Tomeo’s national radio show this morning and her guest was Bill Schneeberger, owner of Bogo Wines. Bogo Wines (www.bogowines.com) has taken on the mission of raising awareness and funds for adult stem-cell research. As a Catholic, you know the Church is actively supportive of stem cell research – as long as it’s ADULT stem cell research! Embryonic stem cell research kills embryos and is as much a horror as abortion. Bill has a terrific web site and I urge you to click on it and learn about his mission. You can also listen to his interview with Teresa (he’s the last half hour of the second hour) on Ave Maria Radio. With other companies supporting causes (many of them valid), it’s exciting to have a Catholic business leader support and lead the charge for this important issue.

By the way, June is being targeted as Adult Stem-Cell Awareness month. Legislation will be going to the President for his support. I’m sure Bill will appreciate your prayers.

The final important piece of the interview was what I learned about the Susan G. Komen Foundation. “Pink” money is dripping with blood. As much as we all want to see an end to breast cancer and will fully support that cause, it’s appalling to learn that the Susan G. Komen Foundation supports both Planned Parenthood and embryonic stem cell research. In an effort to help with the horror of breast cancer, many of us have unintentionally donated money to the largest abortion mill in the world! What do we do about it? My answer for the short term is two-fold. Pray and raise awareness. Make sure people know that this organization donates money to and supports abortion and embryonic stem cell research. The only way they will stop is if pressure can be applied.

Again, I urge you to visit Bogo Wines web site and support them. Remember that in addition to Breast Cancer Awareness month going in October, it’s also the month of the Rosary. Pray to Our Blessed Mother for her intercession.


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