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Monday, January 21, 2008

How valuable is your time?

I once asked a client what he thought his time was worth. He answered without hesitation – “$300 per hour”. Okay. I can buy that. If your time was worth $300 per hour, how much money do you waste a day?

This was never more evident for me than this past week when I had a SNAFU with my e-mail. Seems I was “hijacked” and had a bunch of SPAM spewing from my e-mail out something I learned that is called “port 25”. Well, Comcast didn’t like that, so they shut down port 25. From Wednesday morning on, I could receive e-mail but not send from my Outlook. Big problem.

It would have been nice if Comcast would have advised me. I guess that would have been too easy. After all, how many hours could I have saved had I knew WHY I couldn’t send e-mails?

Fortunately, I had a member of my Toro Team help me get through this hurdle. Without his help, I would have wasted much more time.

I learned a valuable lesson during this time. I kept hearing the words “Be still and know I’m here.” In my frustration, I found that taking time and giving it to God was the best way I could deal with the situation. Your time is valuable. Think of the rewards you receive when you give it to God. You may find that he gives it back to you many times over!

What’s your time worth?

Vivat Jesus,


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