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Friday, January 18, 2008

Love - Hate relationship

Technology has made it possible for me to work from home. I'm very grateful for it.

When it goes south...I hate it. My e-mail has gone haywire. I can receive e-mails but I'm not being allowed to send out. That's a problem. When 80% of your communication is down, it's disabling. The time spent to work on it is usually never considered as part of a loss of production.

However, it has given me time to think...

I wonder what God thinks when he receives e-mails (our prayers) and tries to reply, yet we aren't listening? Think about it. We send God a spiritual e-mail, yet are closed off to his response. Why?

Maybe we don't like His answer. Maybe we aren't listening due to all the noise around us. Maybe we just don't know HOW to listen.

Quiet time is vital. God speaks to us in silence. Take time out of your busy day to mediate in silence and listen for Him. And...be open to His suggestions not yours. That's the hard one for me.

How's your spiritual e-mail working? Is it truly a two-way communication?

Vivat Jesus,


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