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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy All Saints Day

At Mass today, Father talked in his homily about using role models to achieve your goals. He used the example of if you wanted to become a professional basketball player, you might model the habits and traits of Michael Jordan or Larry Bird. If you wanted to be an inventor, you would likely model Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell. If you wanted to be a musician, perhaps Mozart or Beethoven.

Don't we all want to be saints? Our goal should be heaven and everyone who has made it into heaven is a saint. If that is our goal, then wouldn't modeling the lives of the saints be wise?

I have several favorite saints that I have studied over the years - St. Joseph, St. Augustine, St. Therese, and St. Faustina to name a few. I am beginning a book on a saint-to-be, Mother Teresa of Calcutta. My daughter Mindy is reading the book, and because of a lengthy trip home for a visit, she is almost done with it. I think I will grab it before she leaves (she needs to finish it!) and get started. The term "latter day saint" is appropriate for Blessed Mother Teresa as canonization should be shortly forthcoming. Other than Pope John Paul the Great, I can't think of another person of our generation that would be a better role model to getting to heaven - can you?

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