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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Welcome Home to Family...

My daughter Mindy is home for spring break from Franciscan University in Steubenville. We are currently getting the house ready for a big family gathering this Sunday evening. As I help Barb clean (a miracle in and of itself), I hear my two daughters and their boyfriends laughing and having a grand old time playing with the Wii (R) and enjoying each others company.

That reminded me of days when I was at my wife Barb's house when we were teenagers. The shouts and clamor of a full house is a truly joyful sound for a family. I remember it then and it's ironic how I'm now the parent in the scene. Now that Mindy is gone nine months out of the year, it reminds me also of how much I miss having her around.

No matter what stage in parenthood you are, feel blessed and happy with what God has given you. It passes by very fast. You are a steward of your child's life. Make sure you are giving it your all...

Vivat Jesus,


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